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Saturday, January 13, 2007

children of men

The year is 2027 and shit is pretty grim to say the least. Children of Men sets itself in a time where mankind can no longer procreate for reasons that escapes human understanding. The movie begins with the murder of the youngest person alive at 18 years of age. Our soon to be hero is Clive Owen (Theo) who’s acting career hits a peak in this film as the lead character. He plays an ex-activist who is now “apathetic cubicle guy” with a past full of demons and tragedy. The good news is that in this version of the future, computer monitors float in thin air. Theo finds himself by a series of chance events, in control of a woman who mysteriously is pregnant. The movie takes the audience on a journey through the turmoil of London which is apparently the last standing city; not completely succumbing to the hopelessness of a dying world. His ultimate goal is to get her to a group of people called the Human Project which will hopefully be able to use her as a way to possibly find a cure for the current human condition.

This movie is perfect in every way and is enjoyable no matter how one feels toward films made about the future. This version is cleverly depicted but makes certain to not distract the audience from the complexity and beauty of the film. In simpler terms, it wont leave you turning to your friend and whispering something equivalent to “Bullshit, no way the De Lorean is the only acceptable car for time travel”. Director Alfonso Cuaron also does an incredible job of using details to make the experience of 2027 more authentic. The most enjoyable part of the film, by far, are the scenes in the gritty streets of London where caged immigrants are in despair and nationalist guerrilla movements make war on the government. It is all visually stunning.

After watching this movie there is no doubt that you will immediately be asking your movie mate a million “what ifs” or “why dids” in addition to having the feeling you need to see it again, if only to be able to enjoy some of the subtleties that you missed the first time (hint: check out the shirt he wears throughout the film). It is sure to blow your mind in every way. With all the detail this film provides, it still leaves enough up to the imagination. This movie covers everything from the human will to political disorder and there is something for everyone to enjoy. This movie is worth the rape at the ticket office and therefore marks the first movie to be put on the Best Movie Ever list.

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