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Saturday, March 17, 2007

students at the University of Michigan beware

STOP illegally downloading songs on campus computers! Don't use bittorrent; don't use Kazaa; halt your Soulseek-ing!

The RIAA has identified IP addresses of p2p file-sharers in Ann Arbor and intends to sue according to a letter from Paul Howell, Chief Information Technology Security Officer of the University of Michigan. The letter, intercepted by Wired, encourages faculty and staff members to remove p2p file-sharing programs from their computers and to download their music legally (through iTunes, MSN Music, Ruckus, Rhapsody, etc.)

Luckily, UofM will not release names unless subpoenaed. The University is in the process of identifying the students themselves and issuing a warning.

For more info and a copy of the letter, check Wired.

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