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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

oriental virgin

Take a look at this logo photographed by John at Sinosplice from the side of a Shanghai construction site:

Oriental Virgin. Brilliant. I won't even make the jokes. John points out that this sign, aside from being hilarious, is an obvious knock-off of the Sony Ericsson logo. Clever marketing, Chinese company.

Writes John:

Apparently the recipe for their English name and logo went something like this:

    1. Take a successful foreign company’s name and add “Oriental” to the front. Base the Chinese name on the English name.
    2. Copy the logo of a different company, altering it a bit.

Everyone knows Chinese companies never steal the ideas of others or anything dastardly like that. This must be the rare exception to the rule.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lot's of good stuff here, but it seems that there is really only one person contributing.

SG of HP

3/14/07, 7:20 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

So true. Zach is on spring break, so it's pretty much my show.

3/14/07, 10:37 PM  

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