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Saturday, March 17, 2007

all the nicotine without the fire

No, it's not another NicoDerm product, although it may help you quit. Swiss made, NicStics (no website? what?), are battery-powered tubes that vaporize the nicotine in tobacco to give you the buzz you crave without so much as lighting a match.

Yes, stoners, I did say vaporize. NicStics work just like your Volcano and are certainly healthier than a conventional cig.

It may be another clever way to quit--that's my suggestion--or possibly the cigarette of the future, but being addicted to anything isn't great.

We can't seem to give up our addictions though. Once bars go smokeless worldwide, we're going to have to find something addictive to replace cigarettes.

My suggestion, tootsie pops.

Gizmodo [via Medgadget via Ubergizmo]

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Blogger Rich said...

I can't think of any addictive substances used at bars besides cigarettes....

3/17/07, 12:44 PM  

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