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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

blog forces talk radio to kneel down, suck it

West coast blog Spocko's Brain has scored some big points against San Francisco conservative talk radio station KSFO, an ABC affiliate (why there is a conservative talk radio station in San Francisco to begin with is anyone's guess). Blogger Spocko has been recording clips from Melanie Morgan's controversial show and sending them to major KSFO advertisers. According to the Guardian:

Spocko objected to various comments by Melanie Morgan. In one exchange about about a book by environmental writer Rachel Carson, Morgan said it made her want to dig up Carson and "kill her all over again". Carson died from breast cancer in 1964.

Morgan's colleague Brian Sussman, meanwhile, called Democratic presidential contender Barak Obama "Halfrican".

The New York Times notes that Sussman also "challenged a caller who said he was not a Muslim to prove it by repeating back an insult to Allah", although Sussman later apologized.

You can mock Rachel Carson, you can even mock Allah, but don't mess with my boy. Now slob is pissed too. It's on, now, KSFO. That's why we're posting the following soundclips. Here are some really classic numbers:

-"Allah is a Whore"
-"Stupid Liberals"
-...and my personal favorite:
"How to Torture Detainees"

In response to Spocko's campaign against KSFO, Disney, ABC's parent (KSFO's grandparent?), attempted to shut Spocko down, but alas you can't stifle the internet. Just ask the Chinese Communist Party. Unfortunately for Disney, using copyrighted soundclips to make a new argument or create a political or social critique falls under fair use best practices.

Apparently, Spocko's campaign against KSFO has worked. Various reports point out that major advertisers have pulled some or all advertising from KSFO, including MasterCard, Visa, Bank of America, and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Blogosphere: 1; Talk radio: suck it.

More: San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, The Guardian, and of course, a third party blog devoted entirely to covering this subject

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