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Thursday, March 22, 2007

conflict of interest or who cares?

In a move to keep up with the kids, ABC hired former Rocketboom vlogger, Amanda Congdon, to their blog. A pretty cool idea, actually and it worked for a while until Congdon broke some of the rules...or did she?

ABC's ethics code forbids their journalists from engaging in commercials or other outside ventures so as to maintain their journalistic integrity.

Congdon, fully aware of this policy, filmed a handful of "infotainmercials" for DuPont. On her blog she claims, "I am not subject to the “rules” traditional journalists have to follow. Isn’t that what new media is all about? Breaking the rules? Setting our own?"

ABC has not made an official statement. But Jeffrey Schneider, a spokesman for the news division, told the LA Times that Congdon is a commentator, not a journalist.

Josh Wolf would be pissed. But hey, he can't read about it because he's in jail.

via Gawker [via LA Times]

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