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Monday, March 26, 2007

let's do drugs

Australian artist, Justine Cooper, has created a drug. She's also created a disease for it to cure. And according to cooper, it's not all that uncommon.

Cooper's drug, Havidol, claims to be "the first and only treatment for dysphoric social attention consumption deficit anxiety disorder, or DSACDAD."

The made up illness is much like Restless Leg Syndrome or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, claims Cooper, that are diseases pharmaceutical companies claim they can cure.

Havidol, Cooper's fictional drug, just finished it's gallery stint in Manhattan. Complete with billboards, smiling people, and a t-shirt with a Havidol logo, the drug seemed much like an actual commercial.

Although it stirred controversy among consumers and especially with the large pharmaceutical companies, Cooper raises interesting questions about the pharmaceutical sector. What are they marketing to us? Are common ailments a creation of big business? Do I really have a disease? What the fuck am I taking?

via Holly Stocking [via The Scientist]

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Blogger Rich said...

I think this rules.

3/26/07, 11:31 PM  

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