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Monday, March 26, 2007

open source music

Opsound is an online open source community for musicians and sound artists. Particpants simply upload their sound files to the site under a Creative Commons Attributive-ShareAlike license. This copyleft license allows users to "download works, make copies, share them, include them in other works, remix and rearrange them, and even sell them."

There's some pretty weird stuff on Opsound, and the site seems to attract people into music ranging from ambient and musique concrete to house and trance, and genres listed on their site include "algorithmic" (Xenakis, anyone?), "pscyhogeography," and, well, "country."

Potentially, Opsound might produce some very interesting music. I'd also be curious to see if this model could be applied to video or other media.

Stream Opsound radio here.

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Blogger zp said...

This seems really cool. I've been waiting for more people to get into Creative Commons.

I'm not sure this is the coolest way to do it, but it's certainly a start. Maybe if I ever get some free time, I'll play around with some open source files.

3/26/07, 10:21 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Do it dude. Lay down some sweet psychogeographic jams.

3/26/07, 10:52 PM  

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